Heineken Netherlands partners with Whatser

13 July — Whatser - the mobile application that allows friends to share their favorite spots - has announced a partnership with Heineken Netherlands, making it easier to find bars and restaurants that serve Heineken Extra Cold.

May 2011

  1. May 25

    Whatser introduces a unique tool that enables brands to engage with their customers while being out on the town

    Whatser, the location-based app, is launching today a tool that allows brands to host a collection of favorite spots on their platform. Whatser users can collect their favorite spots, share their discoveries with friends and hit upon new places to visit based on location plus the recommendations of friends. Starting today, users can also track collections from their favorite brands.

April 2011

  1. Apr 20

    Whatser launches mobile marketing platform for local businesses to connect with their customers

    The location-based app Whatser today announced a new mobile marketing platform designed to help global brands and local businesses engage with their customers. Whatser users can collect their favorite spots, share their collections with friends and discover new places to go based on their location and the recommendations of friends they trust. From today, when a user adds a spot to their collection, they will receive relevant offers, promotions and updates from that business.

March 2011

  1. Mar 10

    Whatser rolls out new features for sharing and discovering your city

    Whatser today announced a new version of its location-based mobile application, which is now available for iPhone and at http://whatser.com. Launched in beta in November, Whatser lets users collect their favorite spots, share them with their friends and make the city their own. The new features will offer users more ways to interact with friends and followers and share information about the places they love in their city.